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September 16, 2020

When the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts bought Manuel Mathieu's painting of his late grandmother in 2018, he learned that it would be the first work the museum had ever owned by a Haitian-Canadian artist. "I automatically started thinking, 'OK, how can I make sure that I'm not the only one?,' " Mathieu recalls. Mathieu, 33, decided to donate the money from the sale of his painting back to the museum, to start a fund to acquire other pieces by under-represented artists. Soon donors were eager to give to the Marie-Solange Apollon Fund, named for Mathieu's grandmother. "There's something that happened that I wasn't expecting," Mathieu says. "The switch in the psyche of people that an artist can do something like that. ... I saw it in people's eyes, not in their words."

August 27, 2020

What began as an exercise in making beauty out of necessity (the quilts were historically used to keep warm at home) has become a multigenerational art form that marries spirituality, ancestral legacy and community (stitching is largely a group activity), not to mention an exceptional command of colour, form and compositional rhythm. By combining well-known quilting techniques with a specific blend of “controlled improvisation”, each maker creates something distinct and mesmeric, and every bit as complex as the European modernists who were once reconceiving line, colour and space thousands of miles away.

August 24, 2020

Souls Grown Deep Community Partnership and Foundation is partnering with American-made apparel manufacturer American Giant and nonprofit Nest to offer at auction a collection of 18 newly made quilted flags created by women of Gee’s Bend, Alabama. Souls Grown Deep’s collaboration with American Giant and Nest furthers its commitment to the economic success of Gee’s Bend, which gave rise to many of the artists in the Foundation’s collection. The 18 new quilted works will be available by auction from American Giant at this link from August 24-31, 2020, with 100% of auction proceeds going to the individual artists.