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    Photo: William Arnett, 1998

"This is from the Book of Revelation, when Christ come to judge the world in the last days.These things will appear on earth for six months. There will be a sign that Jesus will come. They pointing at his church. Flying horse mean 'death.' Stairway—Jesus will build a platform. There is stinging scorpions going to sting all nations.

"This is the Resurrection, when Christ come back to gather his church. And after the saints are gone up in heaven, he done come and gathered his elect. Those that slept in Christ, they rise and get up, and going to heaven. Men going to see death and they can't die. Men will run to the rocks and cry ,'Rocks, rocks, fall on us. Hide us from the presence ofthe almighty God.'

"And the rocks going to say, 'No hiding place.'

'"Please drown me, and hide me from the presence of the almighty God.'"I can't drown you, I got to give up the dead what's already in me. I got to stand for myself. The little worm that bores a hole in the ground, he got to peep up and give accounting. Seek death and death will run away from you.'

"Now, this is very important to me. This is Bible stuff. This is absolutely going to happen. I'm sending a signal three ways: God the Father the Son, and the Holy Ghost." —Rev. George Kornegay