Moses and Christ

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    Photo: William Arnett

"This is when Moses was leading the children out of Egypt, and when he had brought them over the Red Sea, and he went up on the mountain. When Moses went up on the mountain and stayed so long, and he get the Ten Commandments.

     "When he come back, they fiddling, and singing and dancing, getting drunk, sinning. And they made a golden calf, an idol god, out of the gold earrings and jewelry. And that made Moses mad, and he drop the Ten Commandments, and drop it and broke it, and God give it right back to him. And so this is where Moses say, 'Who all going to be on the Lord's side, get on this side.' If they didn't get on the Lord's side, they died. Moses pointing down to them and telling, 'Who going to be on my side?' Black womens is in distress. Three womens represent our tribe that's been under bondage so long.

     "Over everything is Christ, that died and went to the bottom pits of hell, and Satan say, 'I thought I had him but I couldn't hold him.The chains could not hold Christ. He rose on the third day and say, 'Behold, I'm alive forevermore.'

     "Peter denied him three times. Thomas doubted him. We got all that stuff on there: the cross he hung on; the time—from the sixth to the ninth hour when he died: a mirror—when he rose you can see yourself clearly.

     "Now, this is black folks' religion. I don't say white folks didn't have no religion. I ain't saying that. But this is our inheritance. Go down, Moses, way down in Egypt land. Tell Pharaoh to let my people go. This is when we come out of bondage. God meant for all us to be free." —Rev. George Kornegay