Hagar and Sarah

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    Photo: William Arnett

"The two wives of Abraham—one black, one white. Angel in the middle. Lord told Abraham, 'Sarah's going to bring forth a son, going to name it Isaac.' And Sarah laughed, say, I'm too old for that.'

     "So the angel say, 'How can you laugh, Sarah? Ain't a thing too hard the Lord can't do.' Sarah told Abraham, 'I'm too old, I can't bring you no children. I'm old and stricken. I just can't do it. I give you to Hagar. Maybe she shall receive and bring forth a son, and maybe after her I shall inherit the son.'

     "God never misplaced a blessing. Sometime a blessing is carried in a kind of ugly way. That's the cross up there. When Christ was on the cross, he shed his blood.

     "The rocks mean 'firm, solid.'

     "The sign of victory; we shall win the victory God told Hagar 'Go back yonder you and Sarah, and get y'all's act together' and God promised Abraham whatever his hand touch he going to bless it. 'I'm going to bless Ishmael 'cause he's from your seed.' And Ishmael went out and built a great city and he became a great man. And Isaac was Abraham's first born." —Rev. George Kornegay