Holy Mary, Will Thou Ask God to Forgive Our Sins?

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    Photo: William Arnett, 2000
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Souls Grown Deep Foundation

"Someone came along and brought this bathtub. I sat the statue I decorate of the Virgin Mary in it. I just started writing on the tub, and my spirit started telling about myself, because I am named Mary also.

"The Virgin Mary is like she's in a shrine, a place she could worship and be worshipped. The message is surrounding her: The words say: 'Holy Mary, will thou aske God to forgive our sins? She sees, bless her. She's obedient. She knows you. God has a shield around her, leave her be. She's color blind.'

"I feel like I bore her spirit. If you know about her, she was not a white woman. She was a black woman and she bore a black child and the child was Jesus. I believe I'm a representative of that black woman, and that spirit is within me."