"One Patch"

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    Photo: Stephen Pitkin/Pitkin Studio
Corduroy and velveteen
98 x 78 inches
Collection of
High Museum of Art
Museum purchase and gift of the Souls Grown Deep Foundation

The square is simplest patchwork form. The "One Patch," based on a grid of squares, is a quiltmaking archetype that leads into patterns of its multiples: "Four Patch,""Nine Patch," and so on. These are often the first templates learned by young girls, who occasionally return to it later in life, with a mature sense of color and a zeal for reinventing the basics. The pedestrian "One Patch," in the hands of masters like Magdalene Wilson and Polly Bennett, offers as many visual layers as any of its fancier cousins. The basic square also links this pattern family to the more open-ended "blocks" style so prevalent in the Rehoboth area. Flora Moore's velveteen "One Patch" variation, in understated autumnal colors, staggers the pattern with pulsing strips of blocks strung together "her way."