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    Photo: Roger Manley, 1988
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We got a bad wind blow out here. Man, that wind come whip through here like ain’t nothing you ever see. That wind pick them things up and turn them over. . . . I made me that zebra out there, or . . . what you call that thing? . . . oh yeah, giraffe. It used to fall down all the time but I got that stob in there and ain’t had no trouble in forty years with it. Then I made me a Statue of Liberty, and it fell down a heap of times from the wind, and I had to haul it out. That elephant out there, it came next. Built it out of cedar and a fifty-five-gallon barrel. It still out there but going down. Man on a horse after that. It fell down. That bull still standing. Lost his eye but I’m going to fix it.