Front altar of bus/church

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    Photo: William Arnett, 1998

Beneath the Ten Commandments of God tower, with its unfinished Upper Room, is an old school bus in a new incarnation. "It's a bus on the outside and God's place in the inside," Dennis tells his visitor as they enter the bus, now transformed into Reverend Dennis's church.

The bus is not like your average bus—or average church, either. It is heavily decorated with beads, found materials, artificial flowers, hubcaps, aluminum pie plates, light bulbs, lots of gold and silver and red and blue paint, some biblical art reproductions, and much more, covering the ceiling and all the walls. Nothing is left unadorned except the bus seats, which serve as comfortable pews. At the front of the church, on the driver's side, is the pulpit, behind which the windshield has become an exotic high altar. At the rear is another altar, elegant, uncharacteristically restrained, more serene than its front-of-the-bus counterpart.