What's in the Rain?

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    Photo: Stephen Pitkin/Pitkin Studio
Burned paper, Styrofoam, wire, paint, on composite board
54 x 64 inches
Collection of
Souls Grown Deep Foundation

"What is in our rain today? What can we tell our children when they're going to be out in the rain and it's going to fall on their tongue? What are you tasting? What are you allowing to hit your skin? We shouldn't have to be afraid of what is happening in the rain, because we are human and we're supposed to take in rainfall, allow the raindrops to fall upon us. But if it's acid rain, if these rains have poisons in them, these rains do no good to grow anything that we could use in our nourishment. The picture itself shows a way of looking at it, from drip to drip to drip, and the fiery drips of what is dripping will one day burn away what we need." —Lonnie Holley