Grains of Sand

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    Photo: William Arnett, 1997
1988 - 1990

At the edge of Joe Minter's property sits a massive marker patterned after similar memorials found in African American yards throughout the South."It has every brick, stone, and piece of concrete that came off the land" when he cleared the area next to the cemetery. The marker rests on the foundation of a destroyed outhouse from a former home on the site.

"When you look at a rock, you're looking at a grain of sand. If you can live the life of a rock you pick up, you can learn how to survive what came upon you. Rocks can stand alone or be combined together as one. I gathered those rocks from the land I live on, in 1988. Most of them was all part of foundations of old structures that used to be at the end of the street by the cemetery." —Joe Minter