Sculpture on side porch

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    Photo: William Arnett, 1998

On her side porch she has made a sculptural directive to parents. It is a white stool standing upon a homemade table whose imagery suggests, according to Sewell, "when it was a little child sit up at the table. That's a iron stool sitting up on it, and just to let you know it was a child sitting. You know that children supposed to sit at the table when they get a certain age for eating. Parents got to respect children and teach them. Teach them good manners." She editorializes and instructs: "Old folks will know things young generation don't know, don't know things like old folks know. Our generation was glad to learn things. When we was little they explain stuff like that to you. Like what to do when a storm arrives. What you do, got to put a ax in the ground and turn it straight to that dark cloud. When the storm comes, that ax will split that storm. Part of it will go one way, part will go the other way."