Let My Spirit Flow Free

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    Photo: Ron Lee/The Silver Factory
Welded found metal
38.5 x 38 x 13 inches
Collection of
Souls Grown Deep Foundation

In Let My Spirit Flow Free, the artist creates his personal redemption song while paying tribute to his great-grandfather. This piece, like most of Lucas's sculpture, consists of several symbolic objects, visual metaphors arranged within the confines of a metal wheel three feet in diameter (the sculpture's honoree, King Jackson the blacksmith, spent much of his work time making wagon wheels). Lucas said, "This is for my granddaddy His spirit was free. This piece make my spirit free like him." Undulating wires suggesting flowing water connect a number of metal components. One is a mask fashioned from the lid of an oil drum. Others indude a fragment of an exhaust pipe and a radio speaker, both from wrecked automobiles, and a chromed kitchen faucet. Each element contributes to the chorus: the oil drum top, with its opening a spiritual eye, an oudet for the energy contained within; the exhaust pipe, which facilitates the banishment of noxious gases; a radio speaker—"I can hear my granddaddy talk to me from his world"; and finally, the faucet, in the "on" position, allowing, if the work of art performs its role successfully, the release of Lucas's spirit.