Tree in yard

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    Photo: Robert Arnett, 1989

I was originally going to put a bathtub into the tree over there and put a screen over it to catch leaves from falling into it so it wouldn’t stop it up. I was going to wrap a hose around the tree attached to the bathtub coming down to a faucet, using rainwater for people to wash your hands, and on the side of the faucet a urinal for people. On top of the bathtub I was going to put a cutout of Tarzan from the waist up sticking out of the bathtub, and in another adjoining tree I was going to put Jane swinging in to meet up with Tarzan in the bathtub.

On the other side of my duplex there lived a automobile mechanic. He had seen where I was headed with the trees, and started hanging automobile parts from them and turned it to looking like Sanford and Son, and that was the end of my show. It wasn’t no fight or argument or nothing, I just stopped and let him do his thing. I stopped using trees on that basis.