Captain Marvel

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    Photo: Robert Arnett, 1988

"I got me this place here and decided to do something with it. I fixed up the trees to give them some new life, some color, one idea got another idea and so on and down the line, each idea kept building into another idea. I put the comic people up in the trees after that, which were the ones I remembered from my comic book drawing days, and would use a circular saw and a reciprocating saw, would draw on the plywood, paint them on, have to drill a hole in the wood with a screwdriver bit to get the saw in, then I can cut certain curves with one saw and use another saw for certain curves and vice versa. I did Superman and Batman and Captain Marvel and Mighty Mouse. Superman and Batman were all cut out of wood doors that I found. Drew them on it, painted them. After all had dried I cut them out, then put on two or one thick coats of polyurethane clear gloss.”