Window into Indians and Cowboys Room

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    Photo: William Arnett, 2001

They sent a notice from the City, saying we had to move all the stuff out of the yard. They didn't say the neighbors complain, but later the man in charge of having neighborhood meetings at the library say to me, "Now your house got to look like everybody else." He was always nice, but turned out two-faced. So the yard is empty now, and I had to scrape all the paint off the house. It hurt my ego in a way, 'cause it wasn't bothering anybody. I don't bother people. I don't go anywhere. I had to stay here for so many years taking care of my aunt. It kept me occupied creating something. It hurt my ego more than it did anything else when I had to take the yard down. But then I went to spending more time working on the inside of the house. Like today, I've been up since four o'clock this morning putting up new pictures.