Painted rock-and-mirror grouping

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    Photo: William Arnett, 1999

"I decided to decorate the yard when the driveway got torn up. My nephew, he said he was going to fix me a extra driveway outhere to park my car in (we been parking on the grass). He have started it and he didn’t finish it. We had all this cement sticking up. This guy came from Cuba, and he didn’t have nowhere to live so I let him stay here for free, and so he took and he dug the driveway up and he took it up to the street. And the garbage man didn’t take it—the rocks, the cement, and stuff.

"So my husband had rolled a tree stump up here. We used to have flowers in it. He put green pinwheels in there. So when the garbageman didn’t take that stuff I put it around the tree stump. I said it ain’t got no color, so I got me some paint and painted it. Now, I walk around in the house and be moving fast, and moving mirrors around—you can see I use a lot of mirrors—and I knock them over. And I don’t throw them away, ’cause I don’t throw nothing away too much. And I put them around the tree stump. That’s how that got started." —Betty Avery