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February 2, 2017

Souls Grown Deep Foundation today announced the first in a series of strategic acquisitions as part of a gift/purchase program designed to strengthen the representation of African American artists from the Southern United States in the collections of leading museums across the country and internationally.  Following major acquisitions by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2014, these acquisitions draw from the Foundation’s extensive collection of works across media in this genre to promote increased scholarship and understanding of an important and often-overlooked perspective in the narrative of American art history. 

February 2, 2017

Max Hollein, Director and CEO of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, announced today that 62 works by contemporary African American artists from the Southern United States have been acquired by the Museums from the Souls Grown Deep Foundation in Atlanta. This major acquisition from the Foundation’s William S. Arnett Collection was achieved through a purchase by the Fine Arts Museums and a gift from the Foundation.

“The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco house one of the nation’s greatest 350-year survey collections of American art, with the renowned Rockefeller Collection as its cornerstone,” says Hollein. “Accordingly, we feel a special responsibility to take the lead in expanding the representation of artists who reflect the historical diversity of American culture. This groundbreaking acquisition of contemporary art adds an integral—and exceptional—chapter to our signature collection of American art.”

September 14, 2016

Honored for Preserving and Exhibiting the Work of African-American Artists of the American South

The American Folk Art Museum gave its annual Visionary Award to the Souls Grown Deep Foundation in a ceremony on Tuesday, September 12, 2016, at its museum in New York. Established in 2008, the Visionary Award honors those who have made unique and distinctive contributions to the field of self-taught and vernacular art. The Visionary Award is chaired by Audrey B. Heckler and sponsored by the Foundation to Promote Self-Taught Art.